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Driver Services

  • Knowledge Exam
  • Road Exams - Class 4, 5 (Basic and Advanced), and 6
  • Driver Abstract
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Identification Card
  • Out of Province Driver Licence

Knowledge Examinations

For new drivers, issuance of the Class 7 licence
Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport is required for initial set-up of client information.

If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian (guardianship documentation required) will need to initially accompany the testee to sign for consent. Please note: Once the written consent has been issued from our office, the minor can re-test on his/her own with the consent form and acceptable identification.

  • Over 18, must have birth certificate or passport & proof of residency*

In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, re-testing can occur as early as the next business day - the testing system will only allow one test per day.

Learner’s Licence Prep Kit

The Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta Has extracted the key facts and concepts from the Driver’s Handbook, developing a three-step study process.

Prep Kit consists of 99 Graphic Study Cards. Sections correspond to the Drivers Handbook.

  • Step One: Read the Driver’s Handbook
  • Step Two: Study the Prep Kit Cards

Why the Prep Kit?

  • The brain can only learn one fact at time.
  • Therefore, key facts and concepts are summarized and clarified onto study cards
  • Graphics enhance understanding and learning.
  • Accurate terminology is maintained, but difficult terms are described/defined.
  • What you know can easily be differentiated from what you don’t know.

More Advantages of the Prep Kit

  • Portable
  • The study process is less intimidating because cards can be studied a few at a time.
  • As the “I know” pile grows, the confidence and motivation of the individual grows.


Road Tests

Book online or in office.
Book Online


A drivers abstract is a history of your driving record for the past 3, 5 or 10 years driving on your Alberta Drivers License. You may be required to obtain a drivers abstract for your insurance company or your employer to ensure that your driving record is in good standing.

A drivers abstract shows all tickets (excluding parking and multi nova) and suspensions that occurred on your Alberta License only. The demerit points that are related to a particular traffic offence or suspension will be deleted after 2 years of the conviction date. After 3 years from the conviction date, the ticket or suspension will not appear at all. (For 5 or 10 year abstracts, all traffic offences will appear regardless of how many years have past)

To obtain a drivers abstract, come into the office in person and provide valid identification. With your information our friendly staff will be able to assist you in a timely fashion. Abstracts are issued while you are present in the office.

If you are currently NOT in the province of Alberta and wish to obtain an Alberta drivers abstract you must:

  1. Download and complete a notarized request for personal driving and motor vehicle information form. http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/pdf/mv/NotarizedRequestForPersonalInformationREG3392.pdf

    This form is used if no one is available to obtain your drivers abstract for you in Alberta. You can mail the completed Notarized request for personal driving and motor vehicle information form along with a notarized copy of your identification and money order, payable to Rocky Motor Vehicles. Please include instructions to where your abstract should be mailed as well as contact information and a stamped self-addressed envelope. Please ensure that your Notarized request for personal driving and motor vehicle information form is notarized before sending. Please contact our office for the cost of this process.
  2. Download and complete a Driver Abstract Consent, authorizing a person to obtain your drivers abstract on your behalf. Request that the person come into our office with these 2 forms completed and one of our fast and friendly service agents will process it for you.

Renewing Your Alberta Driver’s Licence & Alberta Identification Card

Documents Required:

  • Surrender your Alberta Driver’s Licence

If your license is expired less than 6 months or is lost additional Identification is required.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Alberta Health Care Card
  • Status Card
  • Firearms Possession Card

* Please call for a complete list.

* If license is expired more than 6 months it is treated as a first application please call (403-845-4880 ext. 2) or come in for the complete list of id required to renew your license.

* If license is expired more than 3 years ALL retesting is required

You will be issued a temporary driver’s licence that is valid for 30 days. Your new card should arrive in the mail in approximately 10 to 14 days.

Class 3 & 5: Medicals are required at age 75, then again at age 80 and every two years after that.

Class 1, 2, 4 : Medicals are required Every - 5 years to age 45
Every - 2 years from age 45 to 65
Every - Year after age 65

Also if you have other medical conditions a medical may be required regardless of age and class of licence you hold.

Alberta Transportation may ask for a medical exam at any age to determine your medical fitness to operate a motor vehicle. All license terms are dependent on established medical quidelines. This applies to all classes of licenses.

It is your responsibility and legal obligation to report any disease or disability that may interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle. If you have a medical condition that you or your doctor does not feel is necessary for a periodic medical to be completed, please contact Alberta Registries at 310-0000 toll free or 780-427-8230 and speak to a government representative to inquire about your case. (Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch)

Steps For Your Out of Province Driver’s Licence

To exchange your licence to an Alberta driver’s licence, you will require:

Out of Province Canadian Licence – You will be required to surrender your out of province licence in order to obtain an Alberta licence. If you have lost your licence, you will need to produce an “Operator Confirmation Letter” from the home jurisdiction, along with valid identification. If you have an out of country drivers license please call our office so we can provide you with the correct information you need to switch over your license to Alberta.

Legal Presence Documents

The following primary documents (proof of legal presence) may be considered in determining if a client is lawfully entitled to be or to remain in Canada:

  • Valid Canadian passport.
  • Provincial/Territorial Government issued birth certificate.
  • Canadian Indian Status Card (Federal government issued).
  • Record of Landing.
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate.
  • Student Authorization (Federal government issued).
  • Employment Authorization (Federal government issued).
  • Issued to missionaries authorized to drive. or

Alberta Residency Documents

Some examples of original support Alberta residency documents (this is not an all inclusive list) are:

  • Utility, telephone, gas or cable TV bill in client’s name.
  • Current bank and/or credit card statements. *Needs to include clients address, the banks address and show money going in and out of the account. Invalid if there is no account activity.
  • Mortgage documents or residential lease containing a client’s physical address.
  • Income tax return. Must have an id number on the return other than the SIN number; registries is no longer allowed to record this number.
  • Written confirmation of employment. Must be on company letter head, state that the client works for the company, include the clients physical and mailing address, and signed by the employer.
  • Written confirmation from an educational institution in Alberta indicating dependents are attending school. Must be on the educational letterhead and state that they are going to school there.
  • Alberta Social benefits documents.
  • Land Title documents.

**Documents must be 90 Days current or they are invalid.

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